Financial Statement Importing

Collecting and analyzing portfolio company financial data is inefficient, time consuming and labor intensive, it need not be. Our solutions streamline both data collection and supports your analytical requirements

  • From initial due diligence to Exit you need to constantly collect and analyze Portfolio Company Financial data
  • Current solutions tend to be single user applications such as excel
  • Current solutions provide limited ability to modify portfolio company projections that automatically update both portfolio company and fund exit valuation projections.

We solve the financial data collection challenge with our API based data import and mapping functionality for Portfolio Company Financial Statements. Portfolio company financial statement data can be uploaded monthly or quarterly and automatically loads this data to the deal projections in the Financial Analytics Module.

Data Import and Mapping functionality

  • API based auto retrieval of accounting system data
  • Visualize metrics, KPIs, trends without then need to build spreadsheets
  • View normalizde data for peer group comparisons
  • Aggregate data for group analytics for benchmarks, portfolio stratification¬†


  • Eliminates manual processes
  • Eliminates “one-off” processes
  • Eliminates data collection errors
  • Auto created financial reports enabling collaboration
  • Provides aggregated peer group data by industry classification