Forecasting Functionality

Forecasting Capabilities for Funds and Debt and Equity Positions

Building on a solid and accurate data foundation Venturis incorporates detailed terms sheets for a variety of debt and equity positions streamlining your cash flow pacing and NAV forecasting processes. Whether you invest in Funds, Co-investments or Direct Investments Venturis LP provides detailed term sheets across multiple asset types to allow you to model and forecast any position type. This capability includes detailed debt and equity term sheets which can be utilized to model and project performance and key metrics for the following Investment position types:

  • Private funds, Including Equity and Credit Funds, Secondary Market Funds, Venture and Hedge funds
  • Direct and Co-Investments
  • Detailed Loan Modeling with Cash/PIK interest and multiple amortization methods
  • Public Equity positions including Common Stock, Preferred Stock, Warrants, Other Assets and GP Interest positions
  • Public Debt positions
  • CLO tranche cash flow modeling


Develop custom fund cash flow curves or import cash flow curves for each strategy or use the Takahashi model built into the fund term sheets. You can also use current or historical fund cash flows to develop and update new curves.